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Play View

An overview of the software Play View An overview of the software Play View

Play view is the front page of Sensory Percussion. This view is great if you want to plug and play ASAP, but also want to be able to make quick adjustments on the fly. In this view, you can adjust macro knobs, make quick changes to your layer mixes, and quickly audition samples you have assigned to different drums.

Here's a rundown of the different sections of Play view and how they can be used:

Layers Mix

This is where you can make quick adjustments to your layers. You have the option to mute/solo each layer individually, as well as adjust its volume and panning. By default, all layers in this panel are set to -6.0 dB.

Virtual Inputs

In this section, you can click the different zones on the pads to hear what samples they have assigned to them. Similarly, when you strike a particular zone on your drum, you will see that zone light up on the corresponding virtual input drum pad.


There are two types of macros available in this section: Layer Macros and Set Macros. Set Macros control parameters that affect your entire set, while Layer Macros affect only that individual layer. By default, you will see Set Macros when you first open a set. If you click on a layer in the Layer Mix panel, it will show that layer's macros. To get back to Set Macros after you click on a layer, simply click the "X" next to the name of the layer on the top of the Macros panel.

Set Styling

This area is where you can customize the look of your set. Right click anywhere in your set outside of the other sections in this list and you will see a dropdown with options to change the background image, adjust color settings, change the blend type, and more. In Sensory Percussion V2, both the look and sound of your sets are fully customizable!