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Making stuff from scratch

Create a new set by clicking the Add New button to the right of the sets.

A screenshot of a portion of the set manager with "Add New" highlighted.

You'll see that by default you'll have a Drum Pads module for each of your hardware inputs. This is what a Snare Pads module will look like:

A screenshot of a default layer with a drum pads module

Now just drag samples from the library onto the pads and start playing!

Add Your Own Sounds

You can add bookmarks to your own sample and set folders in the Library. Select the + button in the library under Folders. Now you can drag in samples (as well as sets and layers that you have previously stored in this folder) into your set.

A screenshot of a portion of the Library panel with the User Folders section highlighted.

"Generate From Selection"

You can right click on any module/s and select "generate from selection..." and then select the kind of controller you want to generate. This will create a controller with the module/s nested inside. This is a really fast and unique way to work. You can, for example, drag a list of samples from the library and quickly nest them inside a Drum Map (or any other controller). This action saves you having to drag and drop controllers from the library, allowing you to access them quickly from the edit page.