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Macros Panel

The Macros panel lets you add knobs, buttons, or sliders that can be assigned to almost any parameter further down the layer. To add a Macro, click the plus button in the Macros panel and feel free to name it.

A screenshot of a controller with its macros panel highlighted.

There are four types of macros you can create: Knobs, Sliders, Toggles, and Triggers. A new Macro defaults to a knob, but you can easily change it by right-clicking the macro and choosing a new type from the macro type menu.

A screenshot of a macro panel which has examples of the various macro types.

A screenshot of a macro knob.

Knobs are the default Macro type and are used for controlling continuous parameters.

Connecting Macros to parameters

There are two ways to connect a Macro:

  1. After creating the Macro, you can simply drag and drop it onto the parameter you want to connect it to. If the drag target it a bit far away, you can achieve the same effect by right-clicking the Macro and finding your target under the assign menu.

  2. You can connect the Macro from your target. Simply right-click the parameter you want to control and find your Macro under the assign -> macros menu.