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Note Controller

A screenshot of the note controller module

The Note Controller converts the timbre, speed, or velocity of your playing to notes in a scale.

Want to play a scale with the low notes in the Center and higher notes out to the Edge? How about playing low notes by hitting softly and high notes by hitting hard? Low notes by playing slowly and high notes by playing fast? Note controller can do all of this and more!

Setting up the Note Controller

Drag the Note Controller from the library and drag a sample/s or module/s into its modules list. Click on notes on the piano keyboard UI to enable/disable those scale degrees. Select "velocity," "timbre," or "speed" from the type dropdown. Adjust the root note of the controller to pitch up/down the starting note of the Note Controller. Adjust the number of octaves you would like the controller's range to expanse.


You can make the Note Controller more responsive to the top or bottom range of the selected notes by adjusting the double sided sensitivity slider at the top of the Note Controller UI. Pulling the left circle to the right will make it more sensitive (and therefore more likely to trigger) to the lower notes, while pulling the right circle to the left will make the Note Controller more sensitive to the higher notes.

A note controller with the sensitivity slider adjusted at the top and bottom of the range

Zone Filtering

Say you only want your Note Controller to respond to a specific zone/zones and not react to hit messages from other zones. You can do that by selecting/deselecting zones in the top right dropdown titled "zones."

A note controller with the zones dropdown open


This "zones" dropdown is only available on Velocity and Speed Note Controllers because Timbre Note Controllers naturally include/exclude zones in their main UI.


You can use the MIDI router generator to send the notes of a note controller to a hardware MIDI Output (and then out of the software to control some cool synth or something).