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The metro controller is what it sounds like: a metronome!

A screenshot of the metro module



This switch turns the metronome on and off. When it's turned back on, the metronome will restart with a hit.


The tempo of the metronome in beats per minute (BPM). It accepts any number from 0 to 999. You can use the knob or type a number in the field.

Restart on Hit

This parameter only does anything if Ignore Hits is turned off. When it's on, the metronome will restart when it receives a hit. When it's off, the metronome will keep running even if it receives a hit. This is off by default.

Ignore Hits

When on, the Metro will ignore any hits it receives. This is is useful if you want to use the Metro as a standalone click and is necessary because the Metro object has no hit filter by default meaning it would receive hits from all drum inputs. This is on by default.


If you're looking for a good sample to use as a click sound, check out the cross-stick from the Sol Seco kit. You can find it in the library under:

Percussion Section > Detailed > Sol Seco > muted brass snare > cross stick > muted brass snare_cross-stick_v3-1

Idea: Create a four-count metronome

You can easily create a four-count click track using a sequencer in the Metro. This setup uses a sequencer with four steps. The first step is pitched up a bit.

A screenshot of the metro module


Keep in mind that there is no way to exclude a layer from the Main Mix in your outputs. So if you want to use the Metro as a click, you will likely want to use submixes and create a submix just for the click and a new submix with everything else as your new Main Mix.