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Controllers are modules that perform some sort of action on their submodules. These actions include mapping, assigning, quantizing, routing, sequencing, and more. Unlike Generators, Controllers don’t create sounds by themselves.

Controllers can be found in the Build section of the library.

There are kinds of controllers, each of which serves a different purpose:

Advanced Mapping​

The advanced mapping view exists in the Submodules panel of Drum Pads, Hit Controllers, and Sequencers. It can be opened by clicking the button to the left of the Modules List: The Advanced Mapping button to open the matrix view of a module

This will open up a matrix with a grid of squares that can be activated by clicking them. The vertical axis always represents the submodules listed to the right, while the horizontal axis is different for each controller type. Clicking an inactive grey square will activate it, assigning the corresponding submodule to the corresponding step of the horizontal axis.

Here are the different advanced mapping views of the 3 different controllers that have them:

In Sequencers, modules can be assigned to different steps in a sequence: A screenshot of the sequencer module that shows how modules can be assigned to different steps in the sequence

In Hit Controllers, modules can be assigned to hit ranges, which go from low to high values of whatever mode you're using (velocity, speed, or timbre): A screenshot of the hit controller module that shows how modules can be assigned to velocity hit ranges

In Drum Pads controllers, modules can be assigned to different zones of the drum: A screenshot of the drum pads module that shows assigning modules to different drum zones