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Global Controls

An overview of the software app frame An overview of the software app frame

These panels stay consistent across Play/Edit/Mix views, hence the name "global".

The hardware panel

The hardware panel contains hardware inputs on the left and hardware outputs on the right. Here, you can see all the sensors or analog inputs (like vocal mics) you have connected, as well as your stereo output mixes. You can open and close this panel by clicking the arrow on the top-right of the panel, selecting "Show/hide hardware IO" from the "View" menu, or using the + + I shortcut.

A screenshot of the hardware input & output panel

The library panel

The library panel is where you can access saved sessions, Sunhouse library sets and samples, or building blocks for making your own sets like modules and effects. You can open the library by selecting "Show/hide library panel" from the "View" menu, or by using the + + L shortcut.

A screenshot of the library panel


Switching between Play and Edit view does not affect the Library and Hardware Inputs panels, meaning you can always have any combination of these two panels open or closed in either view:

Set Manager

The set manager bar is at the top of the software in every view. It shows all of the sets that you currently have open. All of these sets together comprise your session. The left/right arrow on the left go to the previous/next set, and can be controlled via an assignment.

A screenshot of the set manager bar

The set manager also has a vertical dropdown view, which you can access by clicking the three dots on the far right of the set manager bar. This dropdown is handy for when you have more sets in your sessions than you can see at one time in the horizontal bar. It also has volume meters next to each set so you can see which set is currently outputting audio.

A screenshot of the set manager bar with the dropdown open