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How To Control Parameters Across Drums

Cross-control refers to the ability of Sensory Percussion to control parameters on one drum by playing another. Assignments mapped to modules, by default, will receive input based on the input filter. So, for example, if you create a velocity assignment on the dry/wet knob of a reverb effect mapped to a controller with a "Snare 1" input filter, then -- by default -- only the velocity of "Snare 1" hardware input is going to drive that effect.

But, what if you want the velocity of your floor tom to control the mix level of that reverb mapped to your snare? Well, then you have to setup cross control.

You can setup cross control at two different points in the assignment creation process.

  1. If you know right off the bat that you want cross control, then, when creating the assignment by right-clicking the parameter, select New Assignment>Virtual Inputs and then select whichever input you want to drive the parameter. In this case, it's Tom 2.

A screenshot showing a new assignment being made on the mix knob of a reverb with the input being set to Tom 2

  1. If you've already selected a different option from the top of the list (Velocity, Timbre, Speed, Envelope, Lfo, MIDI control), never fear! You can right-click the parameter and choose Edit Assignment. From this menu, you can change the input from the source dropdown.

A screenshot showing an existing assignment on the mix knob of a reverb being edited to change the input to Tom 2