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Cannot Detect Sensor

A screenshot of the Sensory Threshold window showing the 'cannot detect sensor' message

If Sensory Percussion cannot detect your sensor there are a number of things that could have gone wrong:

The first thing to check is that your interface is on, phantom power is on, the XLR cable is securely connected to both the interface and the sensor, and that the sensor's light is shining.

Next double check that your interface is selected in the Audio I/O Window.


Depending on your interface, you may have to reselect it in Audio/IO Window after you have plugged it in, even if it shows that it is automatically selected. Just select "none" from the dropdown for input or output and then reselect your correct interface.

Now check to see if there is input gain appearing when you strike the drum.

If there is input gain registering on the channel's input meter when you strike the drum, but the threshold panel still displays "cannot detect sensor," then try turning off auto level and setting your input gain manually.

If you can't get the software to recognize your sensor (and have to turn off auto level for the pads to respond when you strike the drum), then please write us an email: