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How to Apply Timbre Controllers in Interesting Ways

Timbre controllers are one of the features that sets Sensory Percussion completely apart from all other musical software. They work by applying the sonic information that drives Blends, but to controllers.

Timbre controllers give you a vast amount of control over your kits, and their use is limited only by your imagination, but here are a few cool ways you can use them:

  1. Pitch: a Center-to-Edge controller is an intuitive way to control sampler pitch across a drum or full Kit. Try controlling pitch with other timbre controllers, too!

  2. Filters: assigning a timbre controller to cutoff or resonance is a rad way to create a bubbly effect.

  3. Reverb: assigning a timbre controller to the mix knob (or send level) of a reverb effect will add depth to your snare, cymbal, or tom sounds.

See Controllers Panel to read up on exactly how controllers function in Sensory Percussion.