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How to Record Audio

Using the Audio Streamer

You can record Sensory Percussion to a DAW on your computer using the Audio Streamer plugin, which is supported by many DAWs. The Audio Streamer essentially mirrors the multi-channel output of the Sensory Percussion mixer as a plugin inside your DAW. More information and templates available here.

Using the Sensory Percussion Ableton plugin

Sensory Percussion can be hosted as a plugin inside Ableton Live 9 - 11, and you can record multi-channel outputs from the plugin onto audio tracks. More information and a template is available here.

Outputting Multi-Track Audio from the Output Matrix

You can route the audio from Sensory Percussion to the analog outs of your interface by opening the I/O window, and selecting Output Matrix, before selecting a stereo output for each drum.


If you are recording the outputs of your interface to a separate machine, make sure that input monitoring is turned off on your interface so that you don't also record the sound of the drum through the sensors.

On many interfaces this is as simple as turning a knob labeled input monitoring or direct monitoring all the way to the left. For some interfaces you have to change a setting in the mixing software. If input monitoring is on, then the sound of the drums will be amplified through the sensors. If you don't know how to turn off input/direct monitoring on your interface, refer to the documentation provided by its manufacturer.