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The Mixer is the bottom panel that contains the Main, Sends, Drum Channels, and FX Panel.


The Main Channel is a total stereo summation of all of Sensory Percussions channels. Additionally, effects can be added to the Main track if you want an effect to alter the entire mix.

The Main Channel also includes a global “stop” button as a fail-safe way to cease all audio output from your samplers and effects. You can click this button or assign a controller to it.

Each sampler also has a stop button, which will just stop the sound from just that sampler.


Send 1 and Send 2 are auxiliary effects channels for the drum tracks to be sent. To add effects to the sends, or any track, select that channel and then click the “+” icon on the FX panel and select an effect. To send a drum channel’s signal to Send 1 or Send 2, just adjust that track’s corresponding send knob to the level you want.

You can also drag the effect you want to add from the Effects section of the Library Panel directly onto the send, channel, or pad you want to affect.


Each drum instrument track contains the following features and controls:

  • Track Titles
  • Mute/Solo
  • Model Selection
  • Input Monitor
  • Pan
  • Track Send Levels
  • Outputs Assignments
  • Output Level

Track Titles

Each drum channel can be named by right clicking its top slot and entering a name. Labeling your tracks will be useful when you want to build kits that are comprised of drum tracks from previously built kits - more on that in the Kit Manager Section.


You can mute or solo a track at any time by clicking on the M or S icons in the upper right corner of that track.

Model Selection

The model selection slot allows you to switch your drum training settings. This is useful if you want to move your sensor/s to another drum/drumset, but want to keep the same kit settings in Sensory Percussion.

Input Monitor

The input monitor meter is located on the left side of the drum channels. It’s there to make sure that Sensory Percussion is getting the correct amount of signal from the sensors. See Checking for Signal In Sensory Percussion.

Pan, track send controls, and output levels

You can pan each track and use sends by manually adjusting or controlling the knobs (more on controlling effects in Sensory Percussion in the Controllers Panel section). All channel output levels can be adjusted and controlled, too.