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User Preferences Panel

The user preferences panel is where you can turn data collection on or off, adjust library volume, and set the amount of automatic crosstalk cancellation.

Data Collection

Data collection is very important to us here at Sunhouse because it allows us to continue to both improve the way our software performs and bring powerful new features by analyzing data about the sound of our user’s drums. We don’t collect any personal information, just the acoustic response of the sensor on your drum and some metadata about the audio settings. You can read all about our data policy here.

Library Sample Audition Volume

You can lower or raise the volume of the Library Sample Audition by dragging the number box down or up.

To raise, lower, or mute the volume of the pads when you click on them, use the volume knob and speaker button at the top right corner of the main window.

Automatic Crosstalk Cancellation

Apart from using the threshold panel to filter out crosstalk, you can activate automatic crosstalk cancellation. Check the amount of cancellation you want: Off is sometimes best for mesh-heads, if you don't mind crosstalk causing some sympathetic resonances. Medium works well on mesh-heads, where-as Heavy is for more acoustic heads. Currently automatic crosstalk cancellation only works between drums that are equipped with one of our sensors.