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Sensory Percussion v1

Welcome to Sensory Percussion, a new kind of music software that will let you create virtual drum kits to control samples, synths and effects. This is software designed from the ground up for drummers.

We strove to make the software approachable but still powerful. There are few guardrails built into the software. And that’s for a reason. We want Sensory Percussion to scale to what you want to do. If you want to program lots of layers of samples and effect, make sure your computer and your chops can handle it!

The software comes with preset samples to get you started and a bunch of preset kits that show how these samples can be combined with effects and controllers (much more on that later). We recommend taking some time to play around with the presets and seeing how they’re put together.


If you hate reading manuals and want to get started right away, make sure you take a look at these sections first. Applying the pickup element to your drum, Attaching the sensor, Adding a new drum, Training the drums.