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Crosstalk triggering false hits

Crosstalk happens when a drum channel misfires in reaction to an outside source, like another drum or a loud external sound. If you're experiencing pad misfires that occur within the same drum channel (e.g., striking the rim activates the rimshot pad), then check out this article.

In many cases, turning on automatic crosstalk cancellation as well as adjusting the threshold of the misfiring channel is the best way to get rid of pad misfires caused by crosstalk. But there are a few different ways to handle crosstalk in Sensory Percussion, and each has its own specific use-case.

Sometimes crosstalk is caused by sympathetic resonance, and that might not necessarily be a bad thing. Sensory Percussion is designed to recognize the timbral qualities of the drums, and when you strike one drum of your drumset, every other drum vibrates. Even if your sounds are electronic in nature, you may want them to behave like an acoustic sound object - ringing sympathetically while playing another drum. In this case you would want some crosstalk, but perhaps you don't want every sampler to sound sympathetically with your playing. For this instance, you can use the Velocity IO Panel that is built into Sensory Percussion's sampler to filter out the low volume hits in some samplers but not others.

Lastly, training the void pad may be the best option for particularly resiliant, unwanted cross talk, but should be used as a last resort since too much, or uncareful void training can weaken the timbral sensitivity of the other pads.