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How to Use V2 Hardware

If you have a set of EVANS Hybrid Sensory Percussion Sound System gear, you can use your Portal interface and sensors with the v1 software. Here are some tips to get it working:

1. Set the input and routing

In the Audio Settings panel, choose EVANS Portal as your input and output device.

Then, switch to the Input Matrix tab and select the sensor inputs you'll be using. By default, channels 1-4 will be selected, which is not correct. The sensor channels on the Portal start at 5.

In the Output Matrix tab, only the Main Outs will be enabled by default. You'll want to enable the Headphone Outs and any other outputs you'll be using.

A screenshot of the input and output matrix routing windows

2. Turn off "Auto level"

The v1 software can't "detect" the new sensors in the same way, so you will need to turn off the "auto level" feature in the Threshold panel of each drum input. Once you turn off auto level, you'll see the signal start to come through.

3. Adjust the input gain

The default input gain is set to work for the v2 sensors, however, if you're not seeing enough signal, you can adjust the input gain knob in the Threshold panel as needed.