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Problems with your audio interface

Each sensor must be supplied with 48-volts of phantom power, so make sure that your interface is capable of powering all of the channels you’ll need. Please note that XLR to 1/4" cables do not transmit phantom power. You must use standared female-to-male XLR cables.

Sensory Percussion versions 1.3 and higher has an auto level feature. Set your interface gain at a reasonable level where loud hits like rimshots do not peak. With auto level on, Sensory Percussion will then dial in the perfect gain amount for your Sensor. However, if there is a problem with your interface, XLR cable, or sensor, this feature can sometimes disable audio from the sensor entirely - if that happens you can turn the feature off by clicking on the "auto level” button on the bottom of the threshold panel.

If you have turned off the auto-level, on some interfaces, you might find that the input signal is too weak or too strong when the input gain is down. If the input signal is peaking, you can pad the channel and then adjust the input gain on your interface. If the input signal is too low, simply raise the input gain on your interface until it is correct.

See Checking for Signal in Sensory Percussion.