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Pads not responding in a predictable way

If the pads are not responding correctly, run through this checklist to find the remedy:

  1. Are the pickup element and sensor aligned properly? The light underneath the sensor’s head should be directly behind the pickup element. Check out Attaching the sensor to ensure your sensor is in the optimal position.

  2. Is there too much or too little training on each zone? Most pads respond best with 50 to 100 hits of training data (rimshot and rimshot edge require a little less). If there are too many training hits on a pad you can enter learn mode, right click on the pad and select clear training before retraining. See Training the drums to read more.

  3. Is your drum particularly resonant? Try changing the threshold settings to stop the decaying tail of your drum from activating the pads in Sensory Percussion. See Adjusting the Thresholds for more information.

  4. Is the correct model for the drum selected on the track? You only need to train each drum once, but make sure you aren’t using the training of one drum on another!

  5. Is the input gain on your interface set correctly? If the input gain is drastically too high or too low it can mess up our algorithms even if you have auto-level turned on. See Checking for signal and setting gain for more information.

  6. Try switching out the audio cable.

  7. If none of the above works, contact and we will help you figure it out.