Set Manager and File Menu

The Set Manager and File Menu are located in the top left corner of the main window. A set is essentially your session - it contains a chain of up to ninety-nine kits, which you can access in the Kit Selector panel and can be arranged, copied and deleted. The File Menu lets you create new sets, save and load them, as well as export sets that contain user samples so that they can be loaded onto another computer that has Sensory Percussion installed.

You can double click on a set from anywhere on your computer to load it.

The file menu has the following options for managing your sets:

New Set

If you want to create a brand new set of twenty blank kits, then select New Set from the file menu. From here you can drag samples, drums, or full kits from your library into your set.

Save Set

If you’ve worked on set and haven’t saved it yet, then a little asterisk will appear next to the set name in the file manager reminding you to save your work. You can save your set by clicking on the file manager and selecting Save Set, or by pressing the keys ⌘ + S.

Sensory Percussion also auto-saves your work every 5 minutes. Just in case!

Save Set As...

Save Set As saves your work in a new file with a new name. After choosing your new Set name, the new set is opened into Sensory Percussion. You can also press the keys ⌘ + Shift + S to Save As....

Open Set

Open Set opens a previously saved set on your computer. You can also open a set by double-clicking its .sps file in the Finder or File Explorer.

Open Recent Set

Hover over Open Recent Set to see the sets that you have been working on lately. Click on one of them to continue working on it.

Export Set

Export Set creates a copy of your current set and includes copies of any user-samples into a single folder. Very convenient for moving your work to a different computer.

Collect and Save Set

Collect and Save Set copies all user-samples into a folder with your .sps file. Unlike Export Set it does not create a new .sps file. This is helpful if you have used a bunch of samples from many locations on your computer, but you now want to store them all in one place.

Last Updated: 5/6/2019, 8:05:07 PM