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The Sensory Percussion Library panel contains the Sunhouse samples, effects, and kits libraries, as well as your own samples and set files. You can add bookmarks to folders on your computer, as well as search for samples and kits with the search bar the samples and kits can be sorted alphabetically, by size, or by date by selecting the buttons at the top of the library panel.

🔗 Sampler Browser

Sensory Percussion comes with over 15 GB of original sounds that we created here at Sunhouse (that's over 23,000 samples and counting). We release new packs of kits and sounds often, and you can download them all here (opens new window)

We have separated the folders into the following categories:

  1. 80s Drum Machine - a pack of samples developed for you to bring the synthesized drum sounds of the 80s to life with this pack. The Special FX 80s kit in the Stylized preset kits is made entirely from this pack.

  2. 90s Drum Machine - this pack is made up of samples that sound like the drum machines featured in hip hop classics from the early 90s. Check out the 90s NYC Hip Hop kit in the Stylized presets to get an idea of the kind of kits you can create from this pack.

  3. Astrologia Sintezilo - the Esperanto speakers know that this pack features synth sounds based on the Chinese Zodiac. There are twelve collections of dynamic synthy chord and note samples featured in this pack.

  4. Boom Bap - record scratches, claps, kicks, vibey piano chords: this pack is bringing back he sounds of old school rap.

  5. C&C Kit - a pack we created by recording our beautiful C&C Maple Gum Gold Top drum set. We meticulously recorded a multitude of gestures at many velocities on each drum. We then mapped the samples to the pads in Sensory Percussion, using timbre and velocity controllers to create the most realistic drum replacement system to date. Check out the C&C Kits presets and play a well recorded, vibey C&C drumset.

  6. Castores Synth is a folder of ethereal chords played on an organy-sounding synth. Check out the Castores Full Kit to hear some of these chords in action.

  7. Dreamtropolis is a pack containing the sounds of four bass guitars, a layered dreamy strings patch, hits from eight original drum machines, two short loops at 74 BPM, a chord progression and notes from a dreary piano, nine electric pianos including chord progressions and notes recorded at various velocities, a classical guitar (chord progression and notes with different strum articulations recorded for each chord), acoustic percussion played with soft mallets, and field recordings of percussive found sounds across NYC and at a construction site.

  8. Electro is a collection of sample packs that are both electronic and percussive. Many of the preset kits have samples from this versatile collection.

  9. Elements - sounds from (mostly) outdoors! Lush stones, ice, wind, waves, metallic sounds and more make up this pack. Check out these kits from the Galactic Brine pack: FireWater, Space Dirt, Stannic Core, Hexed Terrain, Ruptured Brain, Cosmic Junk Yard, iceHeart, and Sinister Brine to play the chaotic and beautiful sounds of nature.

  10. Espionage Dolphin Loops has very long synthy stem samples for you to control with your playing. Play the presets: Bragodoshis and Sycophantic in the Hypnagogia kits to hear a unique way of controlling stems in Sensory Percussion.

  11. Ganzfeld Percussion is comprised of lush, terrene sounds . The pack is overflowing with multi-percussion samples, and full mappings of: a snare drum, bass drum, floor tom, two dhols, and an udu. It also contains sounds from ocarinas, a harmonium, banjo, and an accordion. The kits in this pack range from simply-essential-percussive-sounds, to intricately tonal, and geotically twisted soundscapes.

  12. Gordian Plexus is a cold, dark, and complicated sound-world with grainy, saturated tonal and percussive sounds, doubled-up virtual acoustic drums, violin samples, garbled cassette effets, samples of a dusty-wavetable synth, and office sounds.

  13. Millalobo sounds is named for the mythical Chilean half-man, half-sea lion king of the sea. There are electronic percussion sounds, smooth & metallic vibraphone-esq notes and chords, and old-school gritty piano & flute composite sounds.

  14. Percussion Section contains samples derived from acoustic drums and percussive instruments. There are drumline sounds, latin percussion and much more in this folder.

  15. Primordial Breakbeat is a gigantic library of gritty, acoustic hip-hop drum and cymbal sounds. There are 3,664 samples included in this collection! We sampled five layers of three velocities on three kick drums, three toms, three snares, one ride, and two hi-hats. There are up to thirty-three different gestures per snare drum, fourteen gestures for the toms, and up to twenty-six different gestures recorded on the hi-hats and ride. These samples supply the primary material for the nine Primordial Breakbeat kits in the Sunhouse Kits Library.

  16. SIMIO Sounds - earthy meets spacey. The SIMIO preset kit uses synth chords and rocky one-shots in this collection.

  17. Sol Seco means "Dry Sun" in Spanish. This is a hyper-realistic set of late 60s psychedelic rock and jazz drum sounds that we recorded precisely for Sensory Percussion. There are five different drums we recorded for this drum-replacement pack: snare, brass snare, rack tom, floor tom, and kick.

  18. Streetlab Streetlab is an exhaustive sonic exploration of skateboard sounds including various types of decks, trucks, wheels, rails, grinds, smashes, and crashes - all sourced from field and studio recordings made by Josh Green and Andrew Meador on the skateboard. The pack includes raw samples of impacts and vocalizations from trick landings, as well as texture-on-texture sounds from the different parts of the skateboard struck with brushes and sticks. It also includes original chords, tones, and drum machine hits, and kits produced at Sunhouse HQ.

  19. Swarm Sapience is inspired by the hive-mind. It contains bubbly sounds, colorful synth chords and notes, staccato drum machines, and intimately abstract sounds sourced from percussive trinkets with a contact mic!

  20. Synths is a collection of sounds from many different synthesizers that we have been lucky enough to come across. This assortment contains electric keys, modular rack sounds, drum machines, and much more. And much like some of our other sample library folders, this folder grows from time to time as we add more sounds.

  21. Tonal Instruments includes sounds, both organic and electronic that have pitched elements. Check out the Gemini chords to add a synthy accompaniment to your kits.

  22. Twin City Breaks is a pack collected by Ben Johnston, a drummer and educator based out of Minneapolis. The pack is comprised of drum loops and samples from twelve different Minneapolis drummers. Besides Johnston, the drummers sampled are: Pete Hennig, Chris Hepola, Brian Heitzman, JT Bates, Martin Dosh, Ian Prince, Zach Barocas, Joey Van Phillips, Joe Gaskill, Adrian Suarez, and Jeff Marcovis.

  23. Wobblies Instruments this folder contains the sounds of thirteen synth (pads, leads, and keys), four bass guitars recorded at various velocities, two extensively sampled virtual acoustic drum kits, each with hand drum samples as well, and hits from three drum machines.

  24. Worldly Sounds are percussive sounds of everyday life. Play the Worldly Percussion kit in the Themed presets to get a feel for some of these sounds.

  25. Yameen Allworld is a MC, party narrator, producer, songwriter and entertainer. West Philadelphia born and raised he has worked with acts such as Questlove, the Roots, Floetry, Musiq Soulchild, Anthony Hamilton and Jill Scott. His sound pack contains beatboxing samples and vocalizations.

🔗 User Samples

You can add to Sensory Percussion by selecting the user samples icon and navigating to the folder where you keep your samples.

🔗 Kits and Sets Browsers

The Sunhouse Kits Library includes all of the preset kits we have included in Sensory Percussion. Just double click on one of the sets (Black Cat, C&C Kits, Demo, etc) and drag a preset kit into your current set. You can even incorporate drums from any kit into your current kit by navigating one step further and dragging a drum over the channel you wish to replace. You can also right click on any of the sets and select "open set" to page through all of the kits in the pack.

When dragging drums, keep in mind: if that drum was being controlled by another drum, or by a global controller, in its previous Kit, those connections will be lost when it is incorporated into its new Kit.

You can access your own kits and drums by clicking on the user sets icon and selecting the kit or drum you want just like you did for Sunhouse kits.

🔗 Effects Browser

You can drag one of our effects to the FX or Pad FX panel. For more on our effects check out: effects.

🔗 Library Volume

You can adjust the playback volume of sample audition by opening up the [user preferences] window and dragging the number box there.

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